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Crenshaw Christian Academy

Information for Student Tuition and Fees

Foundation Fee

$250.00 per family, payable once upon registration (by agreement this may be divided over 10 months). This fee allows you to join the CCA Foundation and vote in the annual Foundation Meeting in April.

Yearly Fees

1. Registration Fee:  No Registration fee is required to enroll students for the next school year if they are registered by June 10th.  A $50.00 fee will be charged for all students registered after June 30th.

2. Facility Fee:  There is a yearly facility fee of $300 per child. This fee covers books, workbooks, and school insurance. This fee is due by July 10th. You may make payments if you would like as long as the balance is paid by the due date.

3.  Ticket Sales:  Every family will be required to by or sell tickets throughout the school year. 100 tickets at $10.00 a piece will be given to each family totaling $1000.00 for the school year. You will be given 25 tickets totaling $250.00 on each of the following occasions:  Homecoming (October), Grandparent’s Day (November), Miss CCA Pageant (March) and Honors Day (May). Your monthly statement will have the due dates for the tickets.



A.  Working Family Tuition

           1 Child          $350.00

          2 Children     $580.00

          3 Children     $650.00

This tuition plan is for families (K5 – 12th Grade) who will work 50 service (volunteer) hours per year in addition to tuition. Work hours are not to be compensated in any way. Hours begin July 1st and end June 30th and have been split up between semesters.  The first 25 hours are due by December 31st and the second 25 hours are due by June 30th of every year. If hours are not completed by the due dates you will be billed $10.00 for every hour not worked.

Working hours must include one parent working concession stand duty during a football game AND a basketball game for each child you have enrolled in school K5 – 12th grade. Failure to work your scheduled concession stand for each child enrolled will result in a $150.00 fine.

B.  Non-Working Family Tuition

This tuition plan is for families (K5 – 12th Grade) who do NOT work any service hours.

           1 Child          $410.00

          2 Children     $730.00

          3 Children     $800.00

Non-Working Family:  You will not be called to work in any capacity for school functions.

C.  Late Fee

Tuition is due on the first of the month. $30 late fee added to tuition if not paid by the 10th of the month.


This information is available in PDF format on the FORMS download page.