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Crenshaw Christian Academy is a private academic institution, located in Luverne, Alabama.

Our History

In 1968, concerned parents in Crenshaw County founded Crenshaw Christian Academy to offer a traditional, Christian education for their children. The CCA tradition has grown and today provides a co-educational, independent school program for K-2 through grade twelve. Since its beginning, CCA has been the choice of over 1200 families. Crenshaw Christian Academy provides a firm foundation of Christian principles in academics and athletic competition.

Because of CCA's years of tradition and values, it has been able to expand and give parents more choices, such as our K-2, K-3, K-4 programs, after school care, choral music, drama, art, and Advanced Placement courses. The CCA tradition offers students small classes, exceptional teachers and a broad range of activities to afford them the necessary preparation for success in later life. We hope you will become a part of that tradition.


Our Mission

Crenshaw Christian Academy is designed to prepare its average to above-average students to meet successfully the challenges in life. Through spiritual and academic development, counseling, and extra-curricular activities, CCA provides ample opportunities for students to reach their full potential. It is the desire of all associated with Crenshaw Christian Academy that each student will fulfill all the duties and responsibilities of a Christian citizen.


Our Goals

To teach through instruction and by example that the Bible is the Word of God and that Jesus is the Savior so that Crenshaw Christian Academy students and graduates are equpped to live in accordance with Biblical principles in order to bring honor to Christ's name.

To instill a life-long desire and respect for learning through a challenging curricula of languages, mathematics, sciences, and history while develooping an appreciation of fine arts and awakening creativity.

To develop character, including respect for self and others, that will provide a safe, disciplined learning environment adhering to Christian values and the Honor Code.

To nurture leadership and community involvement by establishing clubs and organizations that allow students to experience making a difference in the world.

To provide extra-curricular activities that will develop the students physically and mentally instilling concepts of good health, teamwork, and sportsmanship that will last beyond the high school years.

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